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ADK Drains Ltd Nottingham 24 Hour Callout Of the many things which can go wrong with a property, few are more unpleasant than a blocked drain. You'll find that drains which are in dire need of cleaning will gurgle, cause an unpleasant smell, take a while to drain water away or cause toilets to almost overflow. Prevention is always better than cure: if you suspect your drains are in need of clearance, call us as soon as possible to prevent serious problems including actual health risks.

If you notice that your sinks, bath, toilet etc are draining slowly, the problem is likely to be internal to the property. Drains often get clogged by fat from foods, oil, hair from baths and showers and household items flushed down toilets and sinks.

We use reliable, thorough methods to locate the cause or causes of the blockages in your property and remedy the problem, taking particular care to avoid inconveniencing you. After this process is complete, we will discuss what caused the problem with you, and give advice on how to prevent the problem happening in the future.

ADK Drains Ltd - Clearing Nottingham's Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Nottingham

However, if the problem is caused by drains external to your property in between the house and the sewer system, the problem may be caused by loose leaves, roots from trees or other organic debris.

ADK Drains Ltd is a specialist drain blockage clearance firm which uses the best, most effective industry-standard tools and techniques to clear drains.

Call ADK Drains Ltd today on 07846 153474 as soon as you suspect you may have a drain blockage issue to prevent the problem turning into a catastrophe. Even if you just need to discuss your concerns - we're always here to help!


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